Glass house farms - SOUR DIESEL-PRE-PACK-(3.5G)-S
THC: 25.68%
CBD: 0.08%
Glass house Farms- Sour Diesel- Sativa- 3.5 grams (Santa Barbara Grown) All year-round, we’re honored to cultivate one of the most pioneering, influential, beloved strains of all time: Sour Diesel. From its unmistakable profile of citrus and skunk to its textbook energizing and uplifting sativa effects, this is one of the true classics, a cornerstone of modern cannabis culture that still delivers the intensely heady experience savored the world over for more than twenty years. It's required reading. Feelings: Energized, Focused, Euphoric, Caffeinated Flavor: Citrus, Diesel, Skunk Usage: Morning Perk-Up, Productive Brainstorming, Clean the Whole House
3.5 grams
Price per unit

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