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FOUNDED BY: Weldon Angelos ABOUT: Weldon is a music producer who was charged with a felony that carried a minimum sentence of 55 years. It was his first marijuana offense. Angelos was released in 2016, after serving 13 of his 55-year sentence and was granted a full pardon in 2020 by President Trump. THE WELDON PROJECT is dedicated to funding social change and financial aid for those who are still serving prison time for cannabis-related offenses. They are dedicated to the fight to end marijuana prohibition, the war on drugs, and mass incarceration. Thousands of people are still lingering in federal and state prisons across the country serving cannabis-related sentences, many of them minorities, while many people now profit from the medical and recreational cannabis industry. MISSION [GREEN] is an initiative launched by The Weldon Project that is dedicated to securing clemency for those currently incarcerated for cannabis. Their mission is to create pathways to expungements or pardons so that they may go on to live meaningful lives. GLASS HOUSE BRANDS donated $25,000 to The Weldon Project in December 2021. Kyle Kazan, our CEO, sits on the board of directors for The Weldon Project and works closely with Weldon to bring awareness to the cause and inmates who are still in jail awaiting release for cannabis-related offenses.
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