Miss grass - FAST TIMES-PRE-ROLL 5PK (2G)-H
THC: 26%
For you and a nude beach. Or you and a regular beach, if that’s more your thing. Miss Grass Fast Times is an inspiring flower blend meant for opening your spirit, getting things done, and moving along. It’s vibrant without jitters; high-flying without losing sight of the ground. Goes well with daytime dancing, al fresco painting, all night talking, or just doing you—and maybe doing someone else, too. -- Tastes like: Cinnamon, flowers, and hops. Terpenes: Caryophyllene, Bisbalol, Humalene -- Ingredients: Premium cannabis; sustainably-grown, pesticide-free. Hemp paper. Matchbox and stick matches.
2.0 grams
Price per unit

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