Glass house farms - STAR-BERRY COUGH-PRE-PACK SMALLS-(28G)-H
THC: 27.16%
CBD: 0.06%
Glass House Farms- Star-Berry Cough- Hybrid- 28 Grams Cue up your favorite show, slip on your snuggliest robe, and pack a bowl of this berry-forward hybrid for a night of pure relaxation. Let the fruity puffs take your mind on a carefree journey as your muscles unwind and your eyelids droop lower and lower. And just as the credits start to roll across your TV screen, you’ll discover a blissful night of rest filled with peaceful dreams. Feelings: Calm, Creative, Sleepy Flavor: Lemon, Berry, Herbs Usage: Late-night Sesh, Binge Watching, Pain Relief
28.0 grams
Price per unit

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