The bloom brand - Pink Mimosa - Live Resin - Disposable
Pink Mimosa - Live Resin - Disposable
THC: 88.27%
Sativa Dominant
Bloom Brand- Pink Mimosa- Live Resin Surf- Disposable- (0.5g)- Sativa Hybrid Pink Mimosa is as refreshing as it sounds. With balanced citrus, woody floral and an overall sweet taste, these pleasant flavors make this an approachable strain at all times of the day. This sativa dominant hybrid will help support a bright and clear-headed high, providing energy to dive into whatever plans are ahead. The Bloom Surf intakes more oil per pull, resulting in bigger clouds with more flavor and potency in every puff. The triple airflow reduces clogging while delivering smooth, clean hits to the very last drop. The Bloom Surf's powerful 190 mAh battery has more capacity than the tank size, ensuring the oil runs out well before the battery. The Surf's ceramic heating elements accent our strain profiles by preventing overheating and cooling quickly. We want you to taste the terpenes, not burn them! Featuring exotic strains chosen for flavor, potency and effect.
0.5 grams
Price per unit

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