Forbidden flowers - TOPANGA SUNRISE-PRE-PACK-(3.5G)-S
THC: 30.77%
CBD: 0.08%
Topanga Sunrise-Hype Up Topanga Sunrise will put the right amount of pep in your step andstart your day with a smile. Uplifting and focused yet physically relaxing, these mood-boosting buds with a citrus-pine aroma bring the sunshine with you everywhere you go. Whether you’re looking for the perfect wake and bake, help with pain relief, or banishing stress, this bright strain will leave you feeling refreshed and just plain old happy. Feelings: Sunny, Creative, Focused Flavor:Baking Spice, Pine Forest, Citrus Rind Usage:Pick-me-up, pre-partying, being productive Lineage:Northern Lights x Skunk #1 x a sativa Haze
3.5 grams
Price per unit

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