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Join California's top cannabis rewards program! Earn and redeem exclusive rewards at all Farmacy and Pottery locations. Plus, receive exclusive deals, offers, and early access to new releases from your favorite brands!

Farmacy Lecture Series

The Farmacy Cannabis Lecture Series delivers small in-depth doses of cannabis education. Each session will feature cannabis experts who provide valuable information and insights to make better-informed cannabis consumers.

California’s Finest Cannabis Dispensaries

Farmacy Cannabis Dispensary Locations

The Farmacy is a family of retail stores offering premium, curated adult-use and medical cannabis. Each of our locations throughout California serves as a community hub for quality products, expert guidance, and informed cannabis education.

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There’s always an exciting new deal or promotion happening at each of our stores, handpicked to help you get more of the products you love for less.


Join Friends of the Farm to get discounts, rewards, and exclusive perks when you shop at any location in the Farmacy family of stores.

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Earn and spend rewards across all Farmacy and Pottery locations, with many more stores on the way

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We’re here for you.

We believe that our role in the community goes beyond selling premium cannabis products. We’re here to serve everyone from the experienced customer to someone trying cannabis for the first time.

That means our staff are always happy to help, our shelves are always stocked with a range of product types, and anyone and everyone 21+ can feel welcome and comfortable in each of our stores.

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Our Stories

Check out our blog, where we’re always talking about what’s new and exciting in the world of cannabis. From new products and featured brands to important social issues, here’s the latest you don’t want to miss.