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Farmacy Lecture Series

The Farmacy Cannabis Lecture Series delivers small in-depth doses of cannabis education. Each session will feature cannabis experts who provide valuable information and insights to make better-informed cannabis consumers.


Interested in working at the Farmacy?

Our focus is on customer service, professional knowledge and an outstanding level of courtesy. We ensure that every employee has sufficient training, thorough understanding of our product inventory and the ability to answer any customer inquiries with highest level of accuracy. We also look for individuals who will take initiative and strive to assist our customers in finding the best products that suit their needs.

We prioritise excellent communication skills as these are necessary when serving guests and addressing situations in a polite manner. In short, we proudly aim to keep quality standards high while striving to give our customers a positive and safe shopping experience.


Want to turn your passion for cannabis into a chance to serve people from all backgrounds in a fulfilling and growth-centric career?

Competitive pay, a supportive and respectful environment, and the opportunity to work with individuals and customers who share your passion are all standard at every location in the Farmacy family. We’re also committed to ethical hiring practices, from our in-store teams to our corporate leadership.

Working at Farmacy shops is a great career choice for those looking to pursue their passion in a meaningful way. Farmacy team members provide customers with valuable education and insight around cannabis products, helping to ensure that they find the right product to best suit their individual needs. Through direct interactions, workers build trust and relationships with customers, empowering them to make informed decisions as they take part in the cannabis journey. 

Beyond simply handling sales, team members are also deeply involved in building strong community ties and advocating for the positive impact of cannabis. This work provides a unique opportunity to be an integral part of the growing cannabis industry while simultaneously making an impact across diverse local populations.



Cannabis Careers with Perks

The Farmacy is an excellent career choice for those passionate about promoting the highest quality cannabis products and providing superior customer service. Cultivated by experienced professionals, working at a Farmacy gives you the opportunity to collaborate with experts in the cannabis industry, giving you a unique insight into the growth and sale of products related to well-being. 

Our welcoming locations create an inspiring workplace for employees who might be looking for something different than a traditional office job. With decades of honed experience cultivating top quality plants and creating award-winning products, there is no better retail experience available than working at a Farmacy location.

  • Opportunities to build a career in one of the
    fastest-growing industries in the world.
  • Employee discount program
  • Comprehensive benefits for our full-time employees
  • Company supported employee volunteer days
    within your community

Are you ready to become part of the Farmacy family?

Working at the Farmacy family of cannabis shops is like working in a unique, collaborative ecosystem dedicated to exceptional customer service. Customers can expect to find knowledgeable staff and sincerely helpful customer care combined with access to a wide array of CBD and THC products. From pre-rolled joints to edibles, concentrates, and topicals, our full range of inventory is chosen for quality, consistency, and value.

Spreading understanding about the diverse uses for cannabis products to customers in need is a rewarding aspect of this work. We believe in creating an atmosphere where customers feel comfortable exploring their options so that we can help them reach informed decisions that leave them satisfied every time.

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