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Join California's top cannabis rewards program! Earn and redeem exclusive rewards at all Farmacy and Pottery locations. Plus, receive exclusive deals, offers, and early access to new releases from your favorite brands!

The Farmacy Cannabis Lecture Series delivers small in-depth doses of cannabis education. Each session will feature cannabis experts who provide valuable information and insights to make better-informed cannabis consumers.


Want to turn your passion for cannabis into a chance to serve people from all backgrounds in a fulfilling and growth-centric career?

Competitive pay, a supportive and respectful environment, and the opportunity to work with individuals and customers who share your passion are all standard at every location in the Farmacy family. We’re also committed to ethical hiring practices, from our in-store teams to our corporate leadership.


  • Opportunities to build a career in one of the
    fastest-growing industries in the world.
  • Employee discount program
  • Comprehensive benefits for our full-time employees
  • Company supported employee volunteer days
    within your community

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