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Weldon Project founder Weldon Angelos, a close partner of the Farmacy

The Farmacy Journal | Sept. 23, 2022

Awards are being won, new stores in our family are closer to opening than ever, and our digital webinar series is informing more people on the ins and outs of responsible cannabis use and social equity.

Here’s everything you might have missed in the Farmacy world over the last couple of weeks.

News, Drops, & Staff Picks

We’re so proud of Farmacy SB, who have just been voted by local residents to be the Best Cannabis Dispensary in Santa Barbara for the third year in a row! This annual award is part of the SB Independent magazine’s “Best of SB” awards, where local residents vote on their favorite businesses in a range of categories.

Farmacy Santa Barbara has now won the Best Dispensary award for 2020, 2021, and 2022. 

Speaking of award-winning businesses, have you tried FIELD cannabis extracts? This award-winning brand’s products range from rosins and sauces to some of the industry’s highest quality vapes. They’re a customer favorite across all of our locations, and if you haven’t experienced them for yourself you could be missing out.

FIELD Quality Cannabis Extracts


Every week, we try to host on online webinar that’s available live and can be streamed after the fact at our Farmacy Cannabis Lecture Series YouTube page. 

We recently hosted a webinar on a topic that’s extremely near to all of our hearts— The Weldon Project. The Weldon Project is an organization dedicated to funding social change and financial aid for those who are still serving time for cannabis-related offences, offences that are no longer considered crimes. 

The Weldon Project launched their Mission [Green] initiative to raise the bar for awareness, justice, and equity by giving cannabis businesses and customers the opportunity to participate in a nationwide campaign.

We had the honor of producing a webinar hosted by the project’s founder, Weldon Angelos, who was once sentenced to a 55-year prison term for $1,000 worth of cannabis before ultimately being released after 13 years thanks to campaigns by Cory Booker, Mike Lee and celebrity backers.

You can check out the webinar here.

The Weldon Project


Progress at our new locations is moving at lightspeed, with our Eureka, Isla Vista, and Santa Ynez shops getting closer than ever to opening to the public. Be sure to watch this space for announcements about opening dates, and sign up for our cannabis rewards program so that you never miss a critical announcement or huge in-store sale.

Farmacy Santa Ynez Cannabis Shop Coming Soon

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That’s some of what’s happening now around our Farmacy community! But that’s not all. Did you know that there are significant sales on top products, brands, and categories every weekend at each of our locations? Head to the location page for your local California cannabis dispensary to check out what’s on sale now— it might just be one of your favorite cannabis brands.

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