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Farmacy Lecture Series

The Farmacy Cannabis Lecture Series delivers small in-depth doses of cannabis education. Each session will feature cannabis experts who provide valuable information and insights to make better-informed cannabis consumers.

Gelato cannabis brand

The Farmacy Journal | Nov. 25, 2022

Welcome to this week’s installment of the Farmacy Journal, featuring a hot new brand, an exciting webinar about growing your own cannabis flower responsibly, and more.

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You might have heard of the Gelato strain of cannabis flower. But recently, another Gelato has been taking center stage— Gelato Cannabis, a brand specializing in premium cannabis distillate and vapes.

Launched just this year, Gelato’s founding team brings together decades of experience to bring artisanal quality and a colorfully fun approach to helping advance cannabis into the mainstream.

Try Gelato vape carts at your local California cannabis dispensary and see why they’re one of the hottest new brands on the market.


Gelato cannabis vapes

If you aren’t subscribed to our Farmacy Cannabis Lecture Series, you’re seriously missing out. Every month we host cannabis webinars on a range of topics relating to cannabis, from its health benefits and responsible use to social justice issues relating to cannabis incarceration.

This Wednesday, Nov. 30th it’s all about growing your own cannabis— a growing passion for people across California. Learn about no-till and living soil growing methods, which offer massive benefits for both cannabis itself and our environment. Register here.


Cannabis plant

A few weeks ago our Santa Barbara team was proud to participate in what we hope will become a wonderful SB tradition: the Surf & Snow Swap. Hosted by Glass House Farms at Stik n Stuk Studios, this awesome event featured food, music, a surfboard ding repair class, and the chance for community members to trade and recycle their surf & snow gear. The event went off without a hitch and it was amazing to see so many Farmacy customers come out!

Glass House Farms Surf & Snow Swap Event
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We hope you have all had a wonderful Thanksgiving week full of fun, friends, family, and the Farmacy. Don’t forget to check in about our cannabis deals and enjoy the last few weeks of 2022 as we head into a new year!

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