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Fig Farms

Spotlight: Fig Farms

This weekend, we’re offering 20% off all products from Fig Farms, a brand dedicated to high-quality cannabis cultivation at every step of their process. 

Alongside this can’t-miss deal, we thought we’d share a little bit about this principle-driven cannabis company that’s been a California institution for years.

About Fig Farms

Founded and still based in Sonoma County, CA, Fig Farms was launched by husband-and-wife team Keith and Chloe Healy. From once operating out of their home’s laundry room to now producing their one-of-a-kind strains in an enormous warehouse farm, they’ve stayed committed to the principles that defined their beginnings: small batch cannabis, creative experimentation, farmer-owned cultivation, and a dedication to exploring the full range of terpenes available in this plant we all love.

These principles have led Fig Farms to become a highly respected and awarded brand, including landing first place in the 2017 NorCal High Times Cannabis Cup for their strain Banana Fig 8.

Today, Fig Farms remains focused on exotic strains geared toward mature and adventurous cannabis consumers. If you’re looking for something new and exciting, Fig Farms is always an amazing place to start.

Fig Farms Flower

Flawless from Flower to Pre-Roll

Even as their operation has grown, both Keith and Chloe remain closely tuned-in to every step of their cultivation process. They look closely at each and every plant, examining everything from the way it grows to its smell, structure, crystals, and visual appeal. 

When the brand moved into pre-rolls, they wanted to make sure that they didn’t sacrifice one ounce of the quality for which they’d come to be known in their flower. The result? Their pre-rolls are some of the most high-quality, fluff-free joints available. All of their pre-rolls are produced in-house, with a specific section of their grow room dedicated to these ready-made joints. In Keith’s words, “You’re not getting the stuff that we want to hide. If we want to hide something, it goes in the trash.”

Putting customers over profits is something that makes Fig Farms a perfect partner, and is one of the biggest reasons we’re so proud to stock them on our shelves.

Cannabis Bud Detail

Our Favorites

Curious about which Fig Farms products to try first? With a brand this committed to quality, you simply can’t go wrong with any strain or pre-roll. That said, these are a few of our favorites. These strains and pre-rolls pack euphoric highs and an unmatched experience in every bud or joint.

Fig Farms Flower

Animal Face

A truly iconic strain grown by Fig Farms and bred by Seed Junky, Animal Face features tasting notes of kiwi, black licorice, and yellow fruit loops. Its neon-green, classic kush-shaped flowers are lovely and develop pink and purple tips in the plant’s final growing weeks. As for effects, Animal Face comes on strong with a high intensity arrival followed by an easy-breezy, relaxing after-effect. You’ll taste something different and have a new experience every time.
Fig Farms Flower

Dark Karma

With a lineage of Dutch Treat and Strange Love, this Fig Farms-bred strain combines notes of banana candy and refreshing lemon and a series of terpenes that help amplify its euphoric effects.
Fig Farms Figment Pre-Roll

Figment Pre-Roll

Combining Purple Fig and Animal Mints into a gorgeous, indica-dominant strain is one thing. Translating that incredible lineage into a high-quality pre-roll is on a whole other level. These pre-rolls combine notes of lavender and sweet confetti cake and offer a relaxing, easygoing high that makes a Figment pre-roll the perfect companion for a post-work unwinding session back at home— solo or with friends.

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