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Cream of the Crop Cannabis

This week, we’re highlighting one of our newest partners: Cream of the Crop Gardens, a California-based cannabis brand now available on Farmacy Shelves.

The Farmacy is only as good as the brands and products we feature on our shelves, which is why our expert curation team is constantly searching for new brands to partner with that align with our beliefs, the beliefs of our customers, and our shared insistence on quality.

Cream of the Crop Gardens: What They’re All About
Cream of the Crop Gardens is a cannabis brand whose mission is summed up perfectly by their name— they want to create the absolute best of the best, and they’ve got the experience to back up that mission. They’ve spent years finding ways to improve and perfect the way they cultivate cannabis and develop products that are not only exceptional in their properties, taste, and effectiveness, but are also 100% safe and responsibly produced.

Curated Products that Are Actually Curated
The word ‘curated’ is thrown around a lot in the cannabis world, but Cream of the Crop is a brand that truly deserves to apply the term to their products. Not a single ingredient, process, or technique goes into one of their items without careful selection and thought. We know, because nothing goes on our shelves without the same consideration. Everything the brand does is centered on improving the experience customers have when enjoying their products. If it doesn’t make that experience better, than it has to go.

Cream of the Crop Flower
Cream of the Crop Flower
Cream Of The Crop Cannabis
Cream of the Crop Joint

We’re so proud to feature Cream of the Crop Gardens at the Farmacy. Here are some of the great products currently available for our customers to check out.

‘The Bling’ Flower

Cream of the Crop Flower

The Bling flower gets its name from the multicolored trichomes found in the green & purple buds of this beautiful flower, but what really makes it special is the unique and rich taste. It combines notes of citrus, pine, and sweet flower flavors with an earthy undertone that ties it all together.

The Bling is highly potent, perfect for drifting into euphoria when you have some time to unwind and relax.

Full Spectrum Oil

Cream of the Crop Cannabis

Featuring a perfect 50/50 blend of THC and CB and a balance of cannabinoids that include THC, CBD, CBG, CBC, and CBN, Cream of the Crop’s full spectrum oil is one of our favorites. They use only safe, authentic, and consistent cannabis oil that can be depended on to provide healing and soothing properties. It also features 100% pure ethyl alcohol solvent and a proprietary purification process. 

All that science-speak basically means that Cream of the Crop doesn’t cut corners— ever.


Cream of the Crop Concentrate

Cream of the Crop currently has two of their excellent concentrates on Farmacy shelves for our customers to check out and enjoy.

Parisian Plum
Parisian Plum is a Diamond Sauce from Cream of the Crop that features 83% THC and less than 2% CBD. With limonene, linalool, and humulene terpenes, Parisian Plum brings a beautiful richness and a fantastic high.

Another THC-centric concentrate, Lilikoi is Indica-dominant and designed to give a euphoric high our customers will love.

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Cream of the Crop Cannabis
Cream of the Crop Flower
Cream of the Crop Flower
Cream of the Crop Cannabis