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Cannabis and Sleep

Cannabis & Sleep

Let’s face it: most of us don’t sleep as well as we should. If you thought you were the only one, just ask the National Sleep Foundation. They estimate that between 50 million and 70 million adults in the US experience at least some of the symptoms of sleep disorders. That’s roughly 1 out of every 5 total Americans.

Weed at bedtime

With so many people trying to get better sleep, it’s no wonder that more have started to ask whether THC in Isla Vista could be a reliable way to improve the quality and quantity of their sleep. People who have been using cannabis for some time will be the first to advocate for the connection between cannabis and improved sleep. Plenty of products and brands focused on sleep have shown up on the legal cannabis scene in California. But how do you know which to try, how to use them, and whether they’ll actually help you sleep better?

Never fear—The Farmacy Isla Vista dispensary is here. In this cannabis sleep guide, we’ll take you through some of the science behind cannabis and sleep, how to maximize your potential for improved sleep, and some of our favorite brands and products for a more restful bedtime.

Cannabis & Sleep: A Growing Science

Like many of the medical benefits of cannabis, there just hasn’t been enough time spent since legalization to scientifically, undeniably confirm the link between cannabis use and sleep quality. But we can look at science generally and what we know about sleep and cannabis on their own to draw interesting conclusions.

For example, one of the biggest causes of poor sleep is an interruption to our natural sleep rhythms. We go to sleep at 10pm one night, but then have a late flight the next day which causes us to go to sleep at 2am and sleep in later than usual. The next night, when we try to go to sleep at 10pm again, we find ourselves restless. We’ve messed up our schedule.

But cannabis can help restore that cycle, according to doctors who specialize in medicinal cannabis. To back them up, many of our customers at The Farmacy tell us that cannabis products focused on sleep have helped them get to sleep when nothing else will—without the worry about side effects.

Less Stress, Better Rest

Cannabis is loved for its ability to reduce stress and anxiety in many people. For a lot of our customers, restless thoughts, anxiety, or stress are all common causes of their inability to get a good night’s rest. Either it keeps them from falling asleep in the first place or wakes them up in the middle of the night, unable to quiet their mind.

A bit of cannabis use before bed can help soothe our minds and help us get to sleep faster (and stay asleep longer.) This makes cannabis a great tool for waking up feeling more rested.

How to Use Cannabis for Better Sleep

What type of cannabis product you use will depend on what you’re looking for in general and your personal preferences.

If your issue is falling asleep in the first place, consider something with THC. THC is known to induce sleep in many people, so it could help you get a restful night of sleep after a stressful day.

Another potential benefit is that THC has been shown to reduce the stage of REM sleep, where dreams and nightmares often occur. If you experience frequent unsettling nightmares, this could be something to consider.

Products containing cannabinoid cannabinol (CBN) can also be a productive addition cannabis-based sleep regimen. Many users report that CBN is the key component that has allowed them to elevate both the quality and length of their sleep.

Cannabis and Sleep
Cannabis & Sleep
Sleep and Cannabis

Looking to sleep faster, longer, and better? Here are some of the brands and products currently on Farmacy shelves that we think you should check out.


Absolute Extracts  Sleepy Time Soft Gels
Mary’s Medicinals – 1:1 CBD:CBN Tincture


Camino Gummies – Sleep
Kikoko Mints – Calm


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