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Farmacy Discovery Store

Farmacy Santa Ana is Now a Farmacy Discovery Store

Starting now, Farmacy Santa Ana is becoming a Farmacy Discovery location — offering 40% off all everything in the store with any purchase of $60 or more.

We’re sure that’s exciting news for everyone who shops at our Santa Ana location. But it also comes with a lot of questions. What does it mean to be a Farmacy Discovery store? How can you claim the discount? Is this change going to last forever? And why is Santa Ana the only location to get this discount?

This short blog post will answer all those questions and more, so read on to get all the details of this exciting new change.

How Does It Work?

When you shop Farmacy Santa Ana either in-store or online, you’ll notice that the listed prices of your favorite products are still the same. That’s because the 40% off discount is applied at checkout, to all purchases of $50 or more.

All you have to do is pick the products you want, place them in your cart for a pre-tax total of $50 or more, and when you go to checkout the discount will be automatically deducted.

For example, that means that if you load your cart with $68 of merchandise, your total at checkout will be just $41.

Just don’t forget that this new storewide discount applies only for in-store shopping and pickup orders. Delivery is currently excluded from the 40% off discount.

Otherwise, it really is that simple. As long as the list-price total of the items in your cart (or your purchase in-store) is more than $60, you’ll automatically get the discount when you check out.

Farmacy Discovery Store

Why Are We Doing This?

The Farmacy began as just one shop, with a mission of bringing quality recreational and wellness-based cannabis to the people of Santa Barbara. As our customer base has grown and we’ve expanded to other locations in Santa Barbara County, Orange County, and Berkeley, we’ve been able to watch that simple mission improve the lives of people across California.

But expanding our reach has also led us to seek new ways of using our scale to better serve customers. How can we use our multiple storefronts to offer something new and valuable to the people who make up our Farmacy family?

We’re aware that while inflation and the cost of living go up, many people have to cut expenses. When that happens, self-care is usually the first thing to go. We want our customers to have a place where they can afford to discover the potential for cannabis in their lives, finding new products and premium brands they might otherwise hesitate to try with their hard-earned money.

That’s where the concept of a Farmacy Discovery location was born. One shop where customers could come, explore premium cannabis brands, and shop at lower prices than standard retail. 

Today, Farmacy Santa Ana officially takes on that role in the Farmacy Family.

And we couldn’t be more excited.

How Long Will It Last?

While we can’t guarantee that our storewide 40% off discount will last forever, we can promise that this isn’t just a weekend promotion or marketing ploy. We’re transforming the role Farmacy Santa Ana plays in the lives of our California cannabis customers for the long-term. 

Farmacy Discovery Store

Why Don’t Other Farmacy Locations Get the Discount?

We recognize that customers at our other Farmacy locations may feel frustrated at not having access to this discount at their local store — particularly our Berkeley customers, for whom Santa Ana is a six-hour drive away.

We unfortunately can’t sustain such low prices across all of our storefronts, even as we offer this discount in Santa Ana in order to give as many of our customers as possible the chance to take advantage of these savings.

Don’t forget that we’ll continue to offer deep weekly discounts, significant weekend promotions, and other special opportunities to save at all our Farmacy locations. There will always be ways to save when you shop the Farmacy — whichever location you call your local shop.

Have questions? You can always ask any member of our staff at any Farmacy location. We’ll be happy to explain any additional details about the discount or point you in the direction of your next great high. 

As always, thank you for being part of our Farmacy family.

Take care of yourselves.