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Field Relaunch


If you love cannabis, you probably already love FIELD cannabis vapes. As one of the most respected and award-winning producers of cannabis concentrates in the nation, F/ELD has also become a customer favorite thanks to their potent rosins, world-class sauces, and unmatched quality vapes.

Now, we’re so excited to help reveal one of the most exciting moments in F/ELD’s history— a top-to-bottom relaunch based on customer feedback and the brand’s own constant commitment to offering the best possible products and experience.

Meet the new F/ELD: better extracts, better packaging, and more collaborations with the most respected names in cannabis. 

Don’t worry. Everything you’ve always loved about F/ELD is still here. Your favorite strains, the consistent quality and potency of their extracts— they’re not going anywhere. But there are a lot of new and exciting changes, too.

What’s New in FIELD Cannabis Vapes

Here’s what to expect from the new F/ELD, from can’t-miss collabs to all-new packaging.

New Colabs

F/ELD has never shied away from a great collab, but now they’re taking things to the next level with extracts produced in close collaboration with some of the most legendary names in cannabis. They’re celebrating the people who do cannabis right, partnering with the most influential and true-to-culture individuals and brands to create something revolutionary.

Their first new collab is a slam dunk. Available now, the F/ELD x Wizard Trees x DOJA lineup of strains combines Doja’s quality and in-demand strain variations with Wizard Trees’ top-shelf cultivation methods.

Field Wizard Treez Doja Collaboration

Improved Products

While nothing has changed about F/ELD’s award-winning extraction process— still no distillation or artificial ‘refinement,’ no trim, no dried flower, and no CRC processing or added terpenes— they’ve continued to perfect that process to create their best live resins and rosins ever. They know that great flower makes great concentrates, so they continue to hand-select only the absolute best individual fresh-frozen plants that turn out golden, flavorful extracts.

More Competitive Pricing

In an effort to maintain their ultra-premium quality while remaining accessible for their loyal customers, F/ELD is also adjusting their product pricing to be as competitive as possible throughout California. That includes on Farmacy shelves.

New Packaging

Okay, okay, new packaging doesn’t sound like a big deal. But we’re not just talking about prettier boxes for your favorite extracts. F/ELD’s attention to detail reaches every part of the experience, and that includes what’s on the box. 

Every strain’s new packaging now features a color-coded labeling system that instantly tells you about its taste profile, from fruity to funky to gassy and everywhere in-between.

Have a favorite strain and want to find something similar? All you need to do is glance at the packaging.


FIELD aromas

New Product Highlights

F/ELD’s newest products are available right now both in-store and online from whichever Farmacy you shop at most. We’re most excited for you to try out the two brand-new F/ELD x Wizard Trees x DOJA products, one live resin and one live rosin, which are every bit as potent, great-tasting, and pure as you’d expect from these three icons of cannabis.


Field RS-11 Live Resin

RS-11 Live Resin

RS-11 is a once-in-a-lifetime extract with a deeply funky flavor and refreshing, meditative effects. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before, with notes of citrus and a soothing, cerebral high.

Field Studio 54 Live Rosin

Studio 54 Live Rosin

Bursting with energy and funky, tropical flavors, you won’t believe the upbeat, enthralling high and tropical taste of Studio 54. It’s an unforgettable experience that’s got all of the hallmarks of DOJA and Wizard Trees in equal measure.

Ready to shop everything the new F/ELD has to offer? Place an order for pickup or delivery.