Glass house farms - BLUE DREAM-PRE-PACK-(3.5G)-S
THC: 25%
Yes, it’s probably the most popular cannabis strain in the world, but this legendary plant is second to none, delivering a cerebral burst of energy before yielding to a balanced, calming, full-body high that hits the sweet spot. As its fame has grown, crossbreeding and adulteration have sometimes pushed contemporary iterations of Blue Dream toward the Indica side. Our variety is true blue, sporting sticky, sweet buds that unleash waves of euphoria, as the stress and anxiety of the day melts away, leaving you free to focus on what really matters: everything else. --- Feelings: Heightened Focus, Calm Euphoria, Ultra-relaxation Flavor: Sweet berry, Sugary pie, Summertime Grapes Usage: Daytime Errands, Adrenaline Boost, Creative Jump-start --- Lineage: Blueberry x Haze
3.5 grams
Price per unit

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