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Field Cannabis Concentrate

Cannabis Concentrates Guide

Cannabis concentrates are all the rage, but are they worth the hype? Well, yes. In this cannabis concentrates guide, you’ll discover why we love high-quality concentrates because of just how convenient and potent they can be. Everything you love about cannabis in a highly concentrated, easy-to-enjoy form? What’s not to love?

Here’s everything you need to know about cannabis concentrates, how they’re made, how to shop cannabis concentrates, and our favorite cannabis concentrate brand on the market— F/ELD.

Cannabis Concentrates Guide: What are Cannabis Concentrates and How Are They Made?

Cannabis concentrates and oils consist of the most essential elements of cannabis, distilled into a highly benefit-rich form that’s easy to consume and extremely potent.

Concentrates are created by separating the trichomes from the rest of the cannabis plant. What are trichomes? They’re the resin glands found in each plant where the majority of cannabis’ most potent elements are found— its cannabinoids, terpenes, and more. By removing the nonessential elements of the plant, you’re left with a highly concentrated serving of everything that makes cannabis great without anything nonessential.

Concentrates are usually made by dry sifting, use of a water-based solvent, or the application of heat and pressure to create cannabis rosin. Cannabis oils are usually made by the use of CO2 or liquid solvents to pull the oils, cannabinoids, and terpenes from the plant.

Field Cannabis Concentrate

How to Use Cannabis Concentrates

No cannabis concentrates guide would be complete without an explanation for how exactly to use concentrates.

There are lots of ways to enjoy cannabis concentrates, adding the benefit of variety to your cannabis experience. They can be made into tinctures, which are cannabis-infused liquids that are dropped under the tongue and take effect in around half an hour, or capsules, which are ingested orally and take around two hours to take effect.

One of the most popular ways to use concentrates is in vape cartridges, which are oil-filled, battery-powered cartridges that offer the benefits of convenience, easy transportation and access, and a quicker high.

Other forms of cannabis extract include hash, which can be vaporized or smoked, and shatter, wax, or dabbable oil— all usually quite potent and high in THC.

Cannabis Concentrate Benefits

Why choose cannabis concentrates over other forms of cannabis? Here are some of our customers’ favorite benefits of going with concentrates.

Precise Dosing
Cannabis concentrates allow for very precise dosing abilities, as opposed to self-rolled joints from cannabis flower where exact dosing may be more difficult.

High Concentration
As you might guess from the name, concentrates are…well, more concentrated. That means more bang for your buck when it comes to high, benefits, and overall experience.

Less Conspicuous
Cannabis concentrates and extracts give you options for consuming cannabis in a less obvious way, allowing for more discrete sessions than joints or blunts would allow.

Smoke-Free Options
One of the benefits of cannabis concentrates is that you have the option to consume them without smoke. They can be vaporized or ingested orally via tinctures or capsules, perfect for those concerned about potential health hazards of smoke inhalation.

Meet F/ELD, Our Favorite Premier Concentrates Brand

If you want the best in cannabis concentrates, start with F/ELD. This premium, award-winning brand is responsible for some of the best cannabis oils and concentrates in the industry. Their highest priority? It’s simple— amazing taste. Their range of cannabis concentrates is rich in unique flavor profiles, from Sour Lemon and Strawnana to Strawberry Fields, Sour Orangzina and Peach Water.

We were especially excited when F/ELD announced their brand-new lineup of flavors, including:

Garlic Cookie
Ice Cream Cake
Papaya Punch

Want to experience F/ELD extracts for yourself? You’re in for an even bigger surprise— Shop Now