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Allswell cannabis, a brand featured at the Farmacy

The Farmacy Journal | Sept. 9, 2022

With summer coming to a close and fall around the corner, there’s a lot to be excited about in our family of California cannabis dispensaries! 

Our teams are hard at work getting ready to launch new Farmacy cannabis dispensaries in Eureka, Isla Vista, and Santa Ynez, all while keeping our current stores stocked with the best of the best in premium cannabis.

Here’s what’s new, exciting, and upcoming in our Farmacy family of stores and our community.

News, Drops, & Staff Picks

We’re always bringing new and exciting brands to our customers, and one of the new names you’ll see on our shelves is Allswell cannabis. You’ve probably already noticed their brightly colored pouches of flower and edibles in a range of strains and flavors at all our stores.

Allswell cannabis has taken a no-frills approach to packaging and marketing in order to bring high quality cannabis to customers at a low price point. They believe that the benefits of cannabis should be a right, not a luxury, and their commitment to simplicity and consistency in their products is already making them a favorite at all our locations.

Allswell Premium California Cannabis at a Great Price

Farmacy Santa Ana budtender Jasmine also recently shared some of her favorite products.

Kiva Lost Farm infused fruit chews are not only Jasmine’s favorite but a popular customer favorite, thanks to their range of fruity flavors, potent highs, and simply beautiful packaging.

Kiva Lost Farm Cannabis Edibles with Fruity Flavors

Looking to level-up your high? Level Protabs are made for experienced cannabis consumers, offering unmatched potency in a convenient delivery system.

Level ProTab Potent Cannabis-Infused Tablets


We recently hosted an online Farmacy Cannabis Lecture Series featuring Dr. Codi Peterson, Pharm.D. M.S., who explored cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome (CHS)— an uncommon condition causing gastrointestinal symptoms in some long-term cannabis users.

Dr. Peterson advised that while the condition is rare, you should see a doctor if you’re a heavy cannabis user and experience symptoms such as vomiting and abdominal pain that lasts hours, days, or recurs every few months.

Miss the live stream? You can check out that event and all our past webinars here.

Dr. Codi Peterson of Cannigma


Our family is growing! Did you know we’re currently underway on opening three new locations?

Our Isla Vista location will be located at 6555 Pardall Road, while our Santa Ynez shop will open soon at 3576 Madera Drive. Meanwhile, we’re hard at work on preparing our upcoming Eureka location as well. When it’s complete, you’ll be able to access our premium cannabis all across the California coast!

Farmacy Santa Ynez Cannabis Shop Coming Soon

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