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Cannabis and Exercise

Cannabis & Exercise: Getting Fit & Busting Stereotypes

For decades, there has been a stereotype that connects cannabis to laziness or ‘couch potato’ behavior. Those of us who really know cannabis and its effects have always known better, but it’s beginning to look like science is now on our side.

Cannabis yoga and exercise

The Science

Early research into the relationship between cannabis use and fitness has resulted in some findings that fly in the face of ‘lazy stoner’ stereotypes. Studies have suggested that cannabis users generally have a lower body mass index and obesity risk than those who don’t. One scientific article also found that cannabis can increase feelings of motivation and overall well being before, during, and after exercise. How? Well, science!

See, cannabis may not change your muscles’ ability to lift heavy weights, but it does have powerful benefits for your brain. One of those benefits is that it activates pathways in your brain that are centered around pleasure centers and rewards responses. As a result, cannabis might help you feel more motivated to nail that workout and more happy with yourself and your life when you do.

Exercise and marijuana Farmacy

Cannabis & Exercise On the Rise

Even more recent research shows that more and more people are using cannabis before they exercise. Even more, interestingly, the same study showed that people who use some form of cannabis before starting a workout or aerobic activity actually tend to do more exercise than the U.S. average.

So what does that mean for you and your fitness plan as it connects to your cannabis usage?

Tips for Combining Cannabis & Fitness

First of all, it should be clear that we’re not saying everyone should get high before hitting the gym, the yoga studio, or the hiking trail. Our advice? Test out the way cannabis affects your fitness regime in a low-stakes environment. Use a small dose and then do some light exercise in the comfort of your home before going big at the gym or heading out on a demanding run or hike. Remember that cannabis affects everyone’s body and mind differently, and what works for one person may not work for the other.

Also, it’s important to consider that not all the people in the studies above used cannabis before their workout. Some used it after, still reporting the same positive results. Researchers believe that people who anticipated the reward of cannabis use after a successful workout used this as motivation, eventually creating a powerful subconscious association between their workout and the positive feelings that came from cannabis use.

As Always, Use Responsibly

Remember, heavy cannabis use can affect your sense of balance, coordination, and heart rate. That means that it’s not necessarily a great idea to get extremely high and then lift a bunch of heavy weights or do other physically demanding exercise. But according to research, light cannabis use paired with low-impact fitness activities might be a great way to improve your physical fitness experience and enjoy working out more than ever before.

Looking for some great fitness-friendly cannabis pairings from The Farmacy? Here are some of our favorites.

For Pre-Workout Energy

Wyld cannabis gummy

Wyld Raspberry Gummies

Glass House Farms Cannabis Flower

Leune Desert Gold Pen


Om Cannabis Salt

Glass House Farms’ Sour Diesel Flower


For Post-Workout Recovery

Om cannabis Epsom Salt

Om Edibles Epsom Athletic Salt

Humble Flower Company

Humble Flower Co. Muscle Balm

Kush Queen Relieve Bath Bomb

Kush Queen Relieve Bath Bomb

Dosist Pain Relief

Dosist Pain Relief

Want to learn more about how cannabis & exercise go together, or get recommendations on specific products? Come visit The Farmacy and learn more or shop our fine cannabis products online now.