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Glass House Farms Smalls


Are you ready to discover what Small can do?

This Friday – Saturday, all Smalls miniature flower packages from Glass House Farms are 20% off. These little nugs feature all of the strains you know and love from Glass House Farms, just smaller and at a lower price point. But it’s not just this killer weekend promo that makes Smalls one of the best values in cannabis.

We wanted to share a little about how these little wonders came to be, and why they’re the perfect combination of premium quality and perfect value for filling up your personal stock of cannabis.

The Story of Smalls

Over the history of cannabis, there’s been plenty of healthy skepticism about any flower or product that’s a bit smaller or a bit different than its more well-known version. In some cases, with less experienced cultivators, these come from the plants that didn’t quite make the grade, or plants that went wrong somewhere in the growth cycle.

Not so with Smalls. They’re harvested from the very same plants as larger nugs, not taken from underperforming plants or different strains. We’re talking about perfectly great nugs with comparable terpene and cannabinoid profiles that don’t make the grade for full-size packages, simply for cosmetic reasons.

What you get is a lineup of all your favorite strains grown with the same attention to detail, sustainable farming methods, and unmatched highs that Glass House Farms does best. If you’re a regular cannabis consumer looking to restock your stash for less, Smalls are for you.

Glass House Farms Smalls

Meet the Smalls

Ready to get to know some of the beautiful Smalls strains we regularly stock at the store? Most Smalls varieties are available in both 7g and 28g bags. You’ll recognize these strains from their larger siblings that you already love.

Glass House Farms Sugar Tarts

Sugar Tarts

Tangy and tart, floral and funky, the uniquely pungent Sugar Tarts drinks in the Santa Barbara sunshine and transforms it into a happy heaviness for the mind and body.

Glass House Farms Smalls HellFire


Powerful, euphoric relaxation and earthy, sweet flavors have made Hellfire one of Glass House Farms’ go-to offerings.

Glass House Farms Lilac Diesel

Lilac Diesel

Imagine yourself walking through a field of fresh flowers, sipping on vanilla milkshake—add a cherry on top and splash of gas and you’ve got Lilac Diesel.

Glass House Farms R*ntz


Since it was created in LA, R*ntz has gotten huge hype for its incredible fruit-candy terp profile and its two terp-rockstar parents: Zkittlez and Gelato.

Glass House Farms Flo White

Flo White

Relaxing, focus-enhancing, and good-feeling-all-over, you don’t want to miss the potent power of Flow White.

Glass House Farms Ice Cream Cake

Ice Cream Cake

This strain lives up to its namesake in all the right ways: it smells of sweet vanilla and sugary dough, it’s flushed with frosty trichomes, and delivers a world-class brain-freeze the moment you bite in.

Glass House Farms Smalls Super Silver Haze

Super Silver Haze

For more than 20 years, Super Silver Haze has defined the essence of a sativa experience. Energetic, uplifting and focused, yet physically relaxing, SSH’s citrus-pine aroma and spice notes herald a mood-lifting journey of the mind that can be productive, creative, or just plain enjoyable.

Stock up on premium flower at a can’t-miss price point with one of the most respected names in cannabis.
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